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What’s new for fall


Strutting down the runway, the model stares ahead dressed in new trends at Fall Fashion Week 2017. The outfit combines red and fringe to encapsulate this year’s autumn style trends.

Maddy Fryar, Staff Reporter

As the temperatures drop and the leaves begin to brown, we ring in the annual arrival of autumn with new apparel trends. Last year, layered scarves and plaid were all the rage, but both have burned out as the months passed. This year, we see the revival of old styles, as well as some that are completely new. Focusing on uniqueness this year, the fads in fashion have been narrowed down to four: power red, Americana, glitter, and pantsuits.

 Red has always been a recurring color no matter the culture or season. It symbolizes influence, love, and adds a fierce flair to any outfit. However, this year, a specific shade of red dubbed as ‘power red’ has been seen all over the runways. It is bright, bold, and draws the eye to whoever is wearing it. Power red has been worn in mainly dresses and statement shoes. To make it more wearable to the everyday person, try pairing a bright red shirt with neutral jeans and a plain jacket. Keeping the rest of the outfit simple allows the red item to be the center of attention.

 Americana is a blanket term for anything paying homage to the culture and history of America. In this case, we see it being applied to clothes in ways that remind us of Western era of the United States. Quilted patterns, fringe, and cowboy boots have all made a modern comeback this fall. Models have been donning suede jackets with excessive fringe along the arms and back. Long dresses pieced together with multiple fabrics have been paired with pointed brown boots. A student-friendly way to wear this trend is to accessorize your outfit with a fringe purse, or add some fabric patches to a plain tee or jacket. This allows you to keep up to date on what you are wearing this season without looking too overdone!

 Glitter has been a consistently debated topic in fashion– some say it is fetching, while others think it is the opposite. “Glitter is so beautiful. I just wish I had the confidence to wear it all the time,” sophomore Shannon Casey said. This season, silver glitter has been added to almost everything you can imagine. Boots, dresses, tights, and even chokers have all been covered in the iridescent disco glitter. The average person can rock this trend by wearing eye-catching silver jewelry, or sport some glittery shoes. Twinkling statement pieces can add a regal touch to any normal outfit, and will make you stand out among your crowd.

 Lastly, pantsuits have been in the eye of fashion for decades. However, they are coming back for this autumn, and in full force. Everyone and their mother has found some way to wear the pantsuit on the runways. Whether it be plaid, cropped, pleated, or anything in between, a matching pantsuit adds a business taste to your outfit’s attitude. To pay homage to the pantsuit without going all out, pair a fitted blazer with a tailored pant or a matching skirt. It is an easy way to dress up for any occasion without the effort!

 This year’s series of autumn trends have been a mixture of old-fashioned and contemporary. The runways are known for being flashy; however, you can wear this season’s trends without having to shell out for extravagant prices. Rule the hallways in your own style this fall, and keep an eye out for what’s coming up in winter!