The Real Deal?

Is Stevie Wonder really blind?


Peyton Lenderman, Features Editor

  Stevie Wonder, the acclaimed, Grammy-winning artist, is best known for his iconic soulful sound, and also as one of the most famous blind musicians of all time. However, over the past couple years, the internet has begun to speculate that the singer-songwriter might not actually be blind after all. Several instances that were a little too odd to be completely ignored have been compiled to make an interesting case against Mr. Wonder.

 The most famous piece of evidence for this theory is a video of Wonder singing the Beatles’ hit “Hey Jude,” in which he knocks over his microphone stand and then catches it in mid-air. The video went viral and caught attention for the fact that this feat seems virtually impossible for a blind man. Another piece of evidence is a photo taken of the singer where he appears to be taking a photo of a Michael Jackson statue. Pretty odd that a blind guy would be taking a picture, right? On top of all of this is a video from The Oprah Winfrey Show that Wonder appeared on, and in this particular episode, he seemingly turned straight towards a man and then proceeded to pull him into a hug. Many followers of the conspiracy believe this to be a little weird, as they claim he could not have known where the man was standing. The other most common offense against Wonder is his fondness for attending basketball games, as many people find it strange that someone who could not see the sport being played would want to regularly attend games.

 On the other hand, many people believe these occurrences to be stacked up to simple coincidence. The mike-stand catch was a lucky grab, the picture maybe a joke with his buddies, the hug is explained by Wonder having heard the man previously, and the basketball games he simply enjoys listening to. One specific instance has disbelievers of the conspiracy especially convinced that the theory is not true, and that was Stevie Wonder’s suit at the 2016 Annual Grammy Awards. His suit was dark green and trimmed with camouflage and rhinestones, and onlookers believed only a blind man could wear something so obviously against fashion trends. Senior Cicely Panara said, “The theory’s interesting and funny, but no, it’s definitely not true.” Wonder has played into it himself, by cracking jokes about having flown a plane before, as well as saying he would “reveal the truth” about his blindness in upcoming years. What do you think, is this the real deal?

In this video, musician Stevie Wonder is shown to have knocked over his mike-stand and then mysteriously caught it afterward despite being completely blind. Could it actually be possible that the singer is not really blind?


Is Stevie Wonder actually blind, or is it all just an elaborate cover-up?

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