Archie Comics come to Netflix


Currently on Netflix are these spooky shows based on comics that are enjoyable for both teens and parents. You can watch these shows to pass the time and enjoy your day without having to worry about what is stressing you.

Ilene Anthony, Staff Reporter

If you are interested in comics but are too lazy to read them, you may be surprised to find some  popular favorites currently on Netflix, Riverdale and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, are actually based off of Archie Comics. Riverdale is based on Archie, created in 1941, and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is based off of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, created in 1971.

  Riverdale currently has two seasons on the platform that are action-packed, mysterious and romantic. This show is about a group of teens who solve mysteries and dig deep for the real stories behind everything. In the show, you will meet the main characters: Veronica Lodge, Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, and Betty Cooper. As you learn from their personalities, each individual is completely different. Archie Andrews is the all-American boy next door, who enjoys football and is a dog lover. Jughead Jones, however, is  a gang member and a news reporter from the local school newspaper. Betty Cooper is similar to Archie; she is the innocent girl next door but is also a journalist and a cheerleader with a surprising dark side. Veronica Lodge, on the other hand, knows her way around any problem and is not afraid to push her limits. As you watch the Riverdale series, you will soon realize that there are many secrets yet to be uncovered. Recommend to a friend and watch Riverdale as soon as you can.

 If you are into superstitions and mysterious things, then the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a good show that you should watch. Imagine having to sign your name in the Book of the Beast for a heavy bargain. Either you decide to give up your freedom to be immortal and powerful or not sign the book and keep your current powers and freedom. Sabrina has faced many challenges by Satan to make her give in and sign the book. However, she refuses due to her mortal best friends and boyfriend at Baxter High. To Sabrina, the worst part of being half witch and half mortal is that she can not reveal her powers or true identity. Sabrina’s boyfriend, Harvey Kinkle, is the one person she wants to tell the most because she wants to know if he will still love her despite the circumstances. As you go through season one of the show, you will meet many other characters and find out shocking truths about the Spellmans.

 If you prefer shows that have a dark side, mysterious ones may be the best option. “I think that both shows are pretty interesting, and they are great to watch especially when you have a bunch of time on your hands,” said sophomore Rose-Marie Bina.