The importance of self care


Taking time for yourself and becoming comfortable with who you are is important to being your best self. Sometimes spending time away from people can benefit someone more than spending time with others.

Avery Sannipoli, Staff Reporter

How many times have your parents told you that you could not hang out with your friends until your chores were done? Having responsibilities, such as work, school, sports, helping around the house, and anything else someone has to do takes up much of their time, leaving them none to focus on themselves. People spend countless hours devoted to their future which will help long term, but may be hurting them in the present time. Whether the pressure is self-guided or coming from an outside source, some people take school more seriously than others, which can often drive them over the edge. Many people believe that we must always be productive, and this pressure can take a toll on someone. With this, many people are left with severe mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, etc. 

  Taking care of yourself can be as simple as reading a book to something as tiring as going for a run. The main idea of self care is taking time out of your day to do something kind for yourself. Many people may believe that they do not have enough time in their busy schedule to take care of themselves and continue to burn the candle at both ends. However, prioritizing work is just as important as prioritizing self care. It is important to build some sort of self care routine into your daily life, or even weekly life. Junior Nora Sykes said, “Self care is important because if you do not care about you yourself you may not have the drive to achieve your goals, and you may regret it later on.” Being in a positive mental state can give someone the motivation they need to continue working towards what they want in life. 

  With COVID-19, staying at home all the time can go one of two ways with self care. It can be very difficult for people due to being inside all the time, or it can be the best thing for them. If you are someone who is not involved with many extracurriculars, it can be easy to prioritize self care. With some of the athletics being taken away due to the pandemic, that may clear up someone’s schedule. One thing that can benefit one greatly is exercise. Taking at least ten minutes out of your day to go for a walk will leave your body feeling satisfied. This will also give you more energy, and ultimately lead to a better mindset as well.  Another concern for teenagers especially, is relationships. It is important to prioritize yourself and your own happiness before someone else’s.  Self care has become something overlooked as many people do not think it is much of a priority. However, making yourself happy and comfortable with yourself is what will help you want to keep living everyday, and ultimately benefit you long term.