Creative Cats: Chad Jacobs

Portrait of artist Chad Jacobs, in the Impressionism style. This is his typical style of painting.


Portrait of artist Chad Jacobs, in the Impressionism style. This is his typical style of painting.

Meghan Kent, Staff Reporter

  One of Millbrook High School’s emerging artists is junior Chad Jacobs. His specialties consist of representational and impressionistic oil paintings and drawings. Jacobs also swims for the Millbrook swim team, as well as his club team, Tac Titans. Chad’s interests both in and outside of art contribute to the Millbrook community.

  At Millbrook, Chad has taken a multitude of art classes offered to improve his work. He says, “I took beginner art, intermediate art, sculpture and ceramic, and currently IB Visual Arts. I learned something unique and useful in every class.” He continues to fuel his passion for art through classes taught at Millbrook. Chad’s sculpture teacher, Ms. Moody says, “Chad Jacobs is one of the most talented, creative, and inspirational sculpture students that I have ever taught. Every project he created was magnificent and far surpassed any expectations or requirements. Chad might be a sculpture genius!”

  Chad has always been passionate about visual arts. Even after trying new hobbies, he kept returning to art. He says, “There is something invigorating about the challenge; it feels so aligning and satisfying when I get to process my thoughts through it.” Chad started an Instagram page where he posts his artwork in order to share his passion for art with people in hopes it will inspire others. His Instagram page motivates him to make art more consistently, so it is able to be shared. In the future, Chad wants to build a large base on Instagram and find others on the platform that can inspire him as an artist. He says, “Maybe one day, my Instagram will help me find an income source in something I love.” 

  Chad values taking inspiration and learning from other artists to improve his craft. Chad advises beginning artists to find quality sources of inspiration and says, “We live in an age of information: utilize it.” He encourages budding artists to look back at the fundamentals, saying, “Learn the language before trying to make a statement.”