Ready for AP Exam Week to be Over?


K. Bonsted

Junior Kathryn Bonsted studies hard for the AP exams. She is prepared to take the exams and is ready for them to be over.

Sofia Burr Reynolds, Staff reporter

  The school year is coming to an end which means exams are approaching. Final exams begin in June, but during the month of May, Advanced Placement (AP) students begin their AP exams. The schedule shows when students will take their exams, which are from May 2nd to May 13th. Depending on what exam a student has to take, their exam will either be in the morning at eight or in the afternoon at twelve. Students can look on the College Board website, linked here , to find out what time an exam is. Exams are either located at Millbrook or the Seven Marks Church. Students should arrive thirty minutes before the scheduled exam time. If students miss a scheduled exam day, May 20th is a day where those students can make up the exam. 

  With these AP exams, a student’s life becomes very stressful. On top of studying and continuing work for other classes, this puts a lot on a student’s plate. However, teachers try to help as much as they can by providing a study guide or review materials. In addition, the College Board also provides videos to help with studying and reviewing content from each unit. Freshman Camryn Stine says, “These exams are very stressful, and after I want to just relax my mind.” 

  After exams, students are relieved that the stress of AP exams is gone, but school is still happening so what do the students do? Junior Kathryn Bonsted has some thoughts. “I want to continue learning the specific subject. By doing fun activities surrounding that subject create a different learning experience rather than just what we do in a normal class.” Having real-life application of the content in the class can really help students to gain a better grasp of the class and the content learned in class. Students can use all the topics learned in the class to come up with labs, projects, or any other activities to show learning in the class. Even though AP exams are stressful, the classes can be exciting after all the hard work.