Colleges Should Not Require SAT or ACT For Acceptance



This is a good example of what standardized tests may look like. Usually these tests consist of multiple-choice questions but are not limited to other forms.

Chandler Mason, Staff Reporter

Scholastic Aptitude Tests (SAT) and The American College Test (ACT) are standardized tests that have become considerable factors in which students a college accepts for admission. These tests are said to measure one’s aptitude and knowledge that they have gained in school. In recent years, there has been an ongoing debate about whether or not the SAT and ACT should be a factor in college admissions. 

  The main reason why individuals would be against the ACT and SAT is that these tests are standardized and make the assumption that all students interpret, comprehend, and rely on information in the same way. Essentially, it is not fair to put a lot of weight on a singular test and is not a reflection of an individual’s overall performance. There is a lot of pressure, late-night cram sessions, and anxiety to perform well, which might not fully represent the student’s knowledge of the subject. Sophomore Michelle Hurtado disagrees with using standardized testing as an admissions factor, stating, “I feel like it is important to consider that not many students are test-takers. As me being one of them it is hard to keep up with my grade and end up having a lower grade than everyone else. I feel like colleges should consider activities and projects completed in school rather than using the SAT and ACT.” If a student has trouble taking tests, it could negatively impact their test grade. So, by considering the ACT or SAT colleges are denying other assignments that were completed during one’s high school career that could accurately show their knowledge. Even though several people think the ACT and SAT should not be considered by colleges, some individuals differ.

  Those who agree with the SAT and ACT feel that if done, they can show their knowledge of the subject. Also, they feel the ACT and SAT set the students above others for the opportunity of going to the same college. Sophomore Maya Madan says, ”I think SAT and ACT are beneficial because they help students get scholarships.” Maya and Michelle agree with the majority on either side with equally strong points, but the debate is still ongoing. 

 Overall, whether you disagree or agree, both of these tests can potentially help with college applications, but they do not reflect a student’s ability to work or intelligence and should not be considered by colleges.