Is the New Live Action Style the Best New Thing?


Princess jasmine is beginning to find herself in this scene from the live action portrayal of the movie Aladdin. Her character development is more clearly seen due to the various elements that live action films provide.

Sofia Burr Reynolds

  Live action recreation movies are on the rise, your favorite childhood film is probably being remade into this type of movie. Will this new style of movie be better than expected?  The making of movies has advanced drastically over the past hundred years. From just a little black and white cartoon on a chalkboard, to a realistic, live action version to bring the story to life. When movies were first made, the characters were hand drawn frame by frame. With the latest technology, people are now able to take animation to a new level by using more color, detail, and making 3D versions of the animated movies. 

  In the beginning of the 90s era, Disney’s animated movies became a hot topic and millions of people were watching. Movies such as “Lion King,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Hercules,” “Aladdin,” and “Mulan were becoming the exciting new Disney movies to watch. The company began their animation business way before it became a hit, and at the same time other companies were coming out with popular animated movies as well such as Dr. Seuss’ “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” or “Charlotte’s Web. These animated films showed what junior Cole Walker calls,“a nostalgic feeling” for all the kids that watched these movies. 

  Recently, turning animated motion-pictures to live action movies has been the new trend. When the news comes out of these new live action movies, people begin to question how the directors might portray the characters’ personalities. Some people would say the original movies are better. Agreeing with this, junior Hannah Paulson says, “The animated movie reminds me of my childhood and this version also feels very comforting with the artistic style it has.” Although the animated version brings back childhood memories, some of these live action movies bring more detail to the film and show a new perspective of the different characters’ development. 

  In addition, the remade films address real-word problems we face today. In the 2019 film “Aladdin,” directed by Guy Ritchie, the animated version is drastically different from the newer version. From the movie, Jasmine has more development throughout the film with finding herself more and coming into her own as a woman. In the live action portrayal, the princess pushes back against precedent, stating that even though she is a woman, she has the right to be sultan after her father because she is first born. This shows a global issue happening today, where many women are being overlooked and how their rights are being taken away. 

  Along with character development and real world characteristics, the directors also have so many more aspects they can use with recreating an animated film. Such as the power to portray the scenery for the movie and include as much detail as possible to really tell the story. By using realistic backgrounds and props, the audience can feel more connected to the story while watching. People can feel more involved with live people and a live setting than an animated visual that’s not real. Sophomore Sawyer Graham says, “ You’re way more immersed in the movie and you feel almost like you’re a part of the action when it looks more realistic. It’s also amazing to see how one of your favorite childhood movies comes to life.” 

  With all this being said, live action movies are more preferable than animated because of their real world applications and ability to reinvent how the characters develop throughout the film. Along with possessing the ability to have the audience become more attached to the story line by creating visuals that are realistic.