Bright Sunset Resembles New Beginnings


January sunsets are the best way to start the New Year. New beginnings are on their way.

Ella Milak, Staff Reporter

   Hope for change, and new beginnings is present going into this new year. This is the time to reflect on the past years, and find ways to create change. No matter what challenges you have faced in the past, there are ways to excel into the person you are meant to be. By making big or small tweaks and changes in our lives, we can move forward into the new year and improve our situations and the next chapter in our lives. A way to improve ourselves and our well-being can be to make a new year’s resolution. Joanna Harris, a Millbrook High School senior, says “Drinking more water is my New Year’s resolution and although it isn’t that big of a change, I still wanted to partake in the new year new me new years resolution challenge.” This New Year’s resolution is just one way you can better yourself in the new year. 

   This month’s picture showcases a beautiful sunset which symbolizes new beginnings and change for the future. The striking colors of orange and pink peaking through clouds really is a beautiful sight. This is the season for outstanding sunsets which is really on theme for the month of January seeing that this month represents change and renewal going into the new year. Let Cat Talk know in the comments what your New Year’s resolutions are and how you plan on keeping them this year.