Lakers player Kobe Bryant dies at age 41


Dribbling the ball down the court, small forward and shooting guard Kobe Bryant plays in one of the last games of his career. Bryant was killed this morning due to a helicopter accident.

Grayson McClendon, Co Editor-in-Chief

 Known as one of the most dangerous offensive players in the NBA, 41-year-old Kobe Bryant, former Los Angeles Lakers superstar, died in a helicopter crash. The helicopter went down along the hills of Calabasas, crashing around 10 this morning. On the way to a basketball tournament, Bryant and his daughter were killed alongside seven others. 

  Kobe Bryant was born in Philadelphia and spent his childhood there until he was drafted at age 17. Known as the Black Mamba, Bryant was notorious for being a very “venomous” player on the court.  His entire NBA career was with the Lakers, and he finished with the title of being the all-time leading scorer. Although he retired in 2016, Bryant continues to inspire many aspiring athletes. He died a legend, as a five-time NBA champion with a total of 33,643 total points in his career. Junior Anderson Ward was devastated by the passing of Bryant, stating that he  “was one of the greatest of all time, the way he scored the ball and made everything happen for his team when it mattered most. When I heard he tragically died, I didn’t know how to feel other than upset because I know that he wasn’t finished changing the game even though he was out of the league.” Bryant’s effect on the community will be remembered forever.