How music has evolved in twenty years


Photo by Avery Sannipoli

Many people enjoy listening to music that makes them want to dance and have fun. Relating to music is also something that many people enjoy, which has become less common as the years have passed.

Avery Sannipoli, Staff Reporter

For as long as anyone can remember, music has served as a constant source of happiness. Listening to music you love can help people escape their own problem and let the music consume them.Even those who do not get as involved with music are still able to enjoy a song or two. Artists express their feelings through their music, which helps them connect with their listeners. Music can be used as an outlet and many relate to what the artists write about. While the feelings people have for music have not changed, music styles continue to change. 

  Dating back to the early 2000’s, most music was targeted to a younger audience. The 00’s introduced not only a new century, but also new styles of music continuing the ones started in the 90’s. With the turn of the  new century, there was more of an attraction to the pop genre. Pop artists such as, Kesha, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, etc. quickly became popular. As compared to 2020, artists wrote more about having fun and enjoying life. While this may not be the case for everyone, most people who grew up in the 2000’s found this music more appealing. Junior Alexandra Tanner stated, “I prefer music from the early 2000’s for sure. It reminds me of my childhood when I was carefree and just genuinely happy.” Most teenagers who grew up listening to pop music from the early 2000’s still listen to it to this day since they enjoyed it so much as a child. 

  With today’s pop music, more artists are blending music genres and trying a new sound. For some, it may work, while for others, it does not. For example, many people are used to older Ariana Grande songs being less mature. Recently, her new album, Positions is showing a side of her that her fans may not have seen before, as the content has become more mature. Whether someone may enjoy that style for her or not, she has also begun writing her music for a much older audience. Ariana Grande is not the only artist changing up her style. Many other artists introduced in the early 00’s have shifted from a younger audience to much older. The music that artists are writing is becoming more vulgar, and not as positively influential. Many creators are known for singing about things that are illegal, such as drugs and gangs. These songs become popular to teenagers, become more commonly listened to, and end up on the radio. While it may be appealing for a teenage audience, many children are still listening to this kind of music as they have been for much of the 21st century.

  Many people are nostalgic of the early 2000’s and find it hard to move on. Most of the kids who grew up over the past twenty years are now realizing how difficult life can be. People may tend to go back to this music as an outlet to remind them of a time where life was much simpler. Even for older generations, much of this music came out with the new century which ultimately served as a fresh start and kicked off the century.