Honoring the cast and crew of Anything Goes


C. Wood

Posing after rehearsing one of their musical numbers, the talented cast and crew of this year’s spring musical Anything Goes have fun during one of their last run-throughs. The show’s cancellation was heartbreaking to the cast, crew, and Millbrook community.

Summer Anderson, Entertainment Editor

  Before the Coronavirus shut down school for the year, Millbrook’s Drama Department was preparing for this year’s spring musical, Anything Goes. The show meant a lot to the director Mr. Kotzian and the cast considering that it was going to be the show that marked fifteen years in the current auditorium. However, due to the show’s heartbreaking cancellation, it is important to appreciate the hard work that the cast and crew put into what would have been an amazing musical. 

  The story of Anything Goes follows characters who are traveling by boat from New York to London. The setting of the musical was initially a challenge to the Technical Theatre Department because the set-piece is large and constant for the majority of the show. To show her excitement towards seeing the sets for the musical, junior Kylie Showalter, who was the stage manager of the production, said, “The audience should look forward to seeing the boat we built on stage!” While the audience did not get to see the boat, their hard work on the sets should be recognized. The musical follows night-club singer Reno Sweeney, played by sophomore Casey Wild, en route to London accompanied by stowaway Billy Crocker, played by senior Luke Young, who is insistent of being with his love Hope Harcourt. Played by senior Meghan Sielaty, Hope is engaged to the rich Lord Evelyn Oakleigh, played by senior Parker Lovick.

  Before its cancellation, the cast went through numerous rehearsals including blocking and memorization in order to reach perfection. One of the challenges with this musical was the large cast and creating the elaborate musical numbers. However, this was no issue for the cast due to the fact that they get along and work well together. Sophomore Casey Wild said, “The cast is pretty great at working together since a lot of us have been in several shows together before. It is always so fun to do scenes on stage with your friends.” Many were upset because the audience did not get to see the musical numbers. The show is known for its award-winning soundtrack, especially songs such as “Bon Voyage,” “Anything Goes,” and “Blow, Gabriel, Blow.” Most cast members, including senior Lanie Winkler, agreed that “Anything Goes” would have been the most exciting and powerful number of the show. She commented, “My favorite number has got to be ‘Anything Goes’ because it is a moment that brings in the entire cast and crew, so it’s really special.” The entire cast, including the orchestra, passenger, and dance ensemble, worked in rehearsals and many others unforgettable. 

  In anticipation of the musical,  the seniors in the production were emotional because it would have been their last Millbrook musical. Before the cancellation was announced, senior Lanie Winkler commented, “It’s a very bittersweet moment. For me, these shows have always provided relief from other stressors in my life. I am really excited to see what everyone goes on to do, and there couldn’t have been a better cast and crew to end my years at Millbrook with.” 

  The cancellation broke the hearts of the cast, crew, and Millbrook students alike; however, the members of the show did not let the setback keep their spirits down. On March 28, which would have been their last performance, the cast and crew of the musical gathered on Zoom to have a digital party. They did some of their annual show traditions, seniors gave advice to an underclassman, and cast members talked about their experiences. Senior Crosby Wood said, “Although the way this show ended was unprecedented, we believe it encapsulates what doing theatre means to us. It is always changing; we have to expect the unexpected. Theatre has taught so many of us to live in each moment, and I hope we achieved that in the time we had together, no matter how short.”

  Anything Goes would have been an unforgettable production, and it is important to notice all of the hard work put into the show. Thank you to the Drama Department for all of your hard work and dedication to this show, and we can not wait to see what you do next!