Celebrities Who Slayed Halloween


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Walking together, musician Machine Gun Kelly and actress Megan Fox leave a party together dressed in their Halloween costumes. Celebrities went all out this year for Halloween, especially this couple looking like twins to the original Pam and Tommy.

Berkeley Sumner, Managing Editor

  Halloween has evolved into more than a holiday for trick-or-treating and scary movies. It has grown to be a fashion show for those dressing up worldwide. Whether you prefer something flirty, scary, or funny (check out our poll), Halloweekend is a time to show off your best costume creations. This year, like others, celebrities have used their resources and dressed up as some of the most iconic characters.

  Musician Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) and actress Megan Fox did a few different couple costumes. For their first costume, the two dressed up as Pam and Tommy, iconic celebrities from Baywatch, and many other productions. The couple also dressed up in what can be described as evil or sacrilegious. MGK wore a red and black robe with a bracelet chain connected to Fox’s costume. Fox dressed in a revealing and flirty costume, wearing all black with fishnets and thigh-high black leather boots. Senior Sarah Mills shares her opinion on the couples costumes with Cat Talk saying, “Megan Fox is iconic, she can wear whatever she wants and look good but I wish she did a costume by herself because I don’t love MGK.”

 Another celebrity who slayed Halloween is Kim Kardashian. She does it every year, so it’s only obvious that she would do it again! Kardashian wore a body-con suit in all blue with full blue makeup and a red wig, dressed as a character from X-Men. The character she dressed up as was Mystique, a fictional character with the power of assuming the abilities, memories, and personality of whomever she touches. Although Kardashian looked incredible, she accidentally showed up to a non-costume party fully dressed up. Mills continued with her opinions and spoke on Kardashian’s costume saying, “Kim Kardashian always has cool costumes. I love her and I appreciate how much detail she put into this one. It was definitely the best out of the Kardashian sisters.”

  The buzz surrounding celebrity costumes will always remain, based on the extravagance that they hold. With more resources for costume creation, celebrities have the ability to go all out each and every year.