Coaches Feature: Coach Davis


Millbrook Men's Basketball

Coach Davis coaching the 2023 Men’s Varsity Basketball season.

Avery Lemelin, Staff Reporter

 Coach Christopher Davis is a familiar face around Millbrook’s campus. He is the Men’s Varsity Basketball Coach as well as the Women’s Tennis Coach. Coach Davis has led both teams to the state finals. This marks his 32nd year of coaching.

  Coach Davis began coaching when he was asked to lead a team while working at a community center. The only place he was able to find space was at Millbrook Exchange park, which led him to meet many Millbrook students. He enjoyed coaching so much that he changed his major in college so he could pursue coaching full-time.

   His favorite part of coaching is being able to build relationships with the student-athletes. He enjoys getting to know the kids and watching them mature over their four years at Millbrook. He loves how every kid is different and appreciates how he is able to see their different learning processes. Coach Davis is very proud of the basketball team and the men they are becoming. 

“It is more important to see them as dads, husbands, and business owners. Basketball is great but it is just a game. To see them 10-15 years from now is way more important,” he says.

   Coach Davis shares his valuable advice for student-athletes.“Be a student first. Study and do your schoolwork first. Also, keep home as a priority. After you prioritize these two things then comes sports. But remember it is just a game and play it to the best of your ability.”

   Coach Davis exhibits a commitment not only to winning games but building relationships in the Millbrook community. His time and investment in the lives of these athletes will be a great part of his legacy at Millbrook.