Happy National Love Your Pet Day


A. Jones

Hanging out at the lake, Bijou Jones is excited to celebrate the day with his owner Avery Jones. Today is National Pet Lovers Day so make sure to spend the day pampering your pets.

Summer Anderson, Features Editor

  Today, February 20, is National Love Your Pet Day. This special holiday is set aside to give extra attention to your pets and give you the chance to spoil them without feeling guilty. Today is a great opportunity to devote extra time to develop the bond between you and your best friend. Over sixty percent of people worldwide have at least one pet in their household, so it makes perfect sense to dedicate a day celebrating these beloved companions.

 Having a pet comes along with many benefits such as lowering blood pressure and relieving stress. Even for those who do not personally own a pet, studies have shown spending a short time with a friend’s pet can have many positive effects on your mind. Many Millbrook Wildcats are pet lovers whether they have dogs, cats, fish, iguanas, or any other animal.

 Junior Avery Jones is a huge pet lover, similar to many other students at Millbrook. She has a total of twenty-four pets at home consisting of two French Bulldogs, two Chinchillas, a Beta Fish, a Blue-Tongued Skink, three Turtles, and around fifteen Goldfish. Avery said her favorite thing about her pets is when they are “just laying on the couch with my pets while I’m on my phone or watching TV. They usually fall asleep and I can’t get up until they wake up.” Avery added, “They all have such amazing personalities, and each one of them is very special to me in a different way.”

 While most people may not have as many pets as Avery, they can find ways to celebrate their pets on this holiday. Junior Joey Gouveia said, “I love my dog Whisky because he is very great, and we share a special bond. On February 20, I can’t wait to spend the day with him!” Today, make sure you spend time with your precious pooch or fabulous feline friend, and remember today is all about you, pet lovers. Sophomore Aisling Palko pointed out, “I think it’s important to have pets because it provides companionship. When I had a bad day and come home, my cats or dogs always come to my room and lay down. It’s weird, but they know when you’re upset, and they’re always there.”