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At the Belvedere Hotel on the night of his disappearance, no one had any insight as to what happened to Rey Rivera. Residents at Belvedere Hotel enjoy their nights by relaxing and going out to eat.

Catastrophic Crime: Rey Rivera

Avery Sannipoli, Staff Reporter
September 18, 2020
Sitting on the shelf in many drug and grocery stores, boxes of Tylenol seem completely harmless. But in 1982 Chicago, many were laced with cyanide, a deadly poison.

Catastrophic Crime: Chicago Tylenol killings

Zoe Werner, Staff Reporter
April 6, 2020
Stuffed into the back of large vans, victims of trafficking and modern slavery are forced to travel long distances in small spaces. Victims often view this smuggling as their only hope, believing that success waits for them in powerful, economically developed countries.

Catastrophic crime: Modern-day slavery

Zoe Werner, Staff Reporter
December 18, 2019
Confessing to murdering over ninety women, Samuel Little is considered to be one of the most macabre serial killers in American history. His murders took place all across the country over the span of forty years.

Catastrophic Crime: Killing more than 90

Izzi Graham, Staff Reporter
March 21, 2019
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